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Who are we?

The First Year Council (FYC) of the Students’ Society of McGill University is an elected body that represents and supports all first years at McGill. We are a group of six executive members. Our role is to serve McGill’s diverse community of students and to aid these students in their transition into university. FYC represents students beyond the scope of divisions such as residence, age, academic term or program. It is our job to bring solutions to problems facing the first year students, plan awesome events and help all first year representative groups collaborate. We love McGill, and want to ensure that first years have a positive experience!


Introducing the Executives



Hey everyone! My name is Patrick O’Donnell and I’m a U1 Political Science and Sociology double major, with a minor in Economics. I’m originally from Amsterdam and grew up in Alberta, but after two years in the US am happy to be back in Canada and excited for the chance to be representing all of you during our first year together!

I also really like hockey and politics and food and rugby and sleeping and the cold and snowball fighting, in case you want to come chill but are as bad at thinking of conversation as I am!


VP Internal

Hey First Years! I’m Ty Fox, and I’m your VP Internal. I’m a U0 Arts student planning on majoring in economics. I am from Toronto, Canada; now I live at La Citadelle. I love meeting new people and am a very good communicator.

I manage FYC’s website, listservs (emails), and collaborate on group FYC projects. Communication is important to me–so please go ahead and contact us on our Facebook page or email, we would love to hear from you!

FYC exists to aid first years. Feel free to approach any one of us and talk about how your year is going. Our FYC team is really great this year, and we are all looking forward to spending this year with you all!

VP External

Hey First Years, My name is Sarah Wu and I’m excited to work for you as VP External on this year’s First Year Council. I’m originally from Vancouver, BC and am a U1 student studying life sciences. I can be found taking a nap in the student’s lounge, sitting out on lower field (summer time of course) or probably while ordering coffee wherever it is sold. I am always open to meeting new people and talking about your ideas or concerns. As VP External, my job is to represent the First Year class at McGill by sitting as a councilor on the SSMU Legislative Council and vote on our behalf. I work to interact with the constituents (you guys!) to better advocate and represent the opinion of the first years. In addition, I work within FYC to connect the different first year student groups, faculties and associations. This means coordinating events, providing support for student groups and facilitating a cohesive first year network. I’m always available to chat whether in person, through email (fyc@ssmu.mcgill.ca) or on Facebook so please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m looking forward to sharing an amazing you with you guys!


VP Student Affairs

Hey first years! My name is Lisa Maria and I am more than thrilled to serve are your VP Student Affairs of SSMU First Year Council! I am a U1 Science student, studying Chemistry, from Switzerland and currently living in La Citadelle.

Being a first year student at McGill can be an overwhelming experience. We were thrown right into the heart of a city with thousands of new students from all over the world. As VP Students Affairs, I am the bridge between administration and students to guarantee your voice is heard and to ensure your transition into this new chapter of your life meets your expectations! I am also responsible for raising awareness about the different student resources available on campus and making sure they are easily accessible.

I truly believe we can find ways to alleviate the stress put on first year students. I want to hear your ideas and work with you to make this year the best one so far. Together, we will make our McGill first year experience one that we’ll never forget!


VP Finance

I am Zac Sultan, VP Finance of First Year Council. Born and raised in London, England, I now reside on the 3rd floor of New Rez hall. I am a u1 student studying economics with a computer science minor.

My priority this year is to raise as much money as possible so that FYC can throw the biggest and most exciting events that McGill has ever seen. 2016 promises to the best year for first years ever! It will be lit – I personally guarantee it.


VP Events

Hi first years! My name’s Mohini, and I’m be honoured to be your FYC VP events. I grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I am currently a U1 anatomy and cell biology major living in La Citadelle. Feel free to contact me if there is something you would like to see happen! After all, my goal this year is to make it the best one yet by planning events that YOU want and will remember.

French Translator — Lisa Maria


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