Meeting Minutes

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Meeting minutes are recorded notes of our weekly meetings.

These are updated every week.

Call to order

A meeting of First Year Council was held at SSMU Office on February 13, 2016.

Members Present

Ty Fox, Mohini Bhade, Patrick O’Donnell

Members Absent

Zac Sultan, Sarah Wu, Lisa Maria

Approval of minutes

Patrick O’Donnell

Unfinished business

Sarah Wu

  • FYC needs weekly updates on the SSMU meetings that Sarah is sitting in on. For next week, expect a report on every meeting attended thus far, with updates following every week thereafter.
  • Get in touch with IRC and see if there are any requests from other Rez’s (Such as the problem Solin has with an 11 month lease, Cit’s slow maintenance process, etc.)

Lisa Maria

  • Facebook group for entering class of 2016 needs to made extremely soon.
  • Organize town-hall style forum for first-year students to present their concerns/requests/anything else.

Ty Fox

  • TVM McGill needs to be contacted and a meeting needs to be arranged (Sarah/Lisa)
  • Listserv needs to be sent out this Sunday.
  • Forward emails between ShareTheBus to Mohini (+ ask STB to communicate through Mohini)


  • FYC is endorsing a petition to limiting Solin’s 11-month lease to 8 months
  • Finalize things with trip to MacDonald Campus (ERC)
  • Email Erin Sobat (Arts Senator #2) about Rez issues.
  • Needs to get in contact with Legal information clinic about this Rez issue. (+Contact IRC myself?)

Zac Sultan –

  • Financial reports need to be disclosed by this Sunday at the very latest (needed by Patrick to negotiate with AUS for final event planning).
  • Cheques need to be sent out to Patrick, Mohini, and Ty.
  • Paragraph for FYC website.


  • Look into booking Old Port rink.
  • Get into contact with ShareTheBus.
  • Therapy dogs, massages, etc. for finals (midterms?). ASAP.